Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

From plain and pure to naturally flavoured, our range of 100gm bars include a variety of options to tickle your taste buds. And if you don’t consider chocolate a health food, you’re in for a surprise. Chocolates are more healthy than you think!

Dark Chocolate Paradise
Is plain and simple your thing? Are you a lover of the intense flavour of dark chocolate that looks like a simple bar and yet has so much potential? Well, this bar of silky, smooth rich dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is just for you.
Sugar-Free indulgence
If you’ve said no to sugar either because you’re a diabetic or simply because you’re a fitness freak, this sugar-free, dark chocolate bar lets you indulge, minus the guilt and the many empty calories that accompanies sugar.
Chocolat a l’Orange
If you appreciate classic elegance, this classic marriage of dark chocolate and orange is sure to please your senses. It is a holiday favourite and one that you must not die without trying.
Keto fantasy
For those on a keto diet or generally looking to avoid extra carbs, this low carb chocolate bar ensures that you don’t have to kiss chocolate goodbye. And before you give up chocolate because “it is unhealthy”, IT IS NOT. So, indulge away!
Nutty Delight
This dark chocolate bar topped with mixed nuts is a sure pleasure for nut enthusiasts. The gorgeous blend of silky smooth chocolate and the nutty, bumpy roadblocks is one that often drives people crazy.
Allergic to nuts? Or want to try something new, something healthier? This dark chocolate bar with roasted Pumpkin, Chia and Sunflower seeds is a MUST TRY.
Muesli-n-Oats Treat
Another bar of nutritious goodness, this dark chocolate bar with muesli and oats is bound to make even health conscious freaks crave for more. Now, don’t miss your breakfast because you have got to go. Take your breakfast on the go.
Protein-choco Bar
For all you fitness maniacs who want their daily dose of proteins and can’t keep their hands away from chocolate, this chocolate bar is definitely for you. Now pump your protein through a bar!
Fruity Love
Who doesn’t love the classic pairing of fruit and chocolate? Our dark chocolate bar with a good portion of mixed fruits will keep you coming back for lots and lots more.
Choco-Matcha Party
This unique and pleasant pairing of dark chocolate with Matcha (Japanese green tea powder) is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. Its unusual deliciousness is sure win your heart instantly!


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