Culinary Studio

Contrary to popular belief, cooking is actually a stress buster. In fact, making chocolates and practicing other culinary skills are some of the most relaxing activities in the world. Pick up some skill sets to help you destress when life gets overwhelming. Join Desi Burp and the chocolate revolution by joining as many of our courses as you can and learn the art of making something endearing. You never need an excuse to indulge.

You may also want to learn some of these skills if you are a bride-to-be and want to impress your would-be husband. Or, you are a party enthusiast who wants your food to breathe life into your get-togethers. Or, you are just a doting parent who wants to make your children's food wishes come true. Or, simply because you are someone who wants to deal with your cravings and treat yourself to some culinary awesomeness. Whoever you are, these courses are perfect for you!
Keto Diets seem to be the “in” thing today. One of the main reasons being weight loss. But do you really know if you’re following it the right way? Whether you’re looking to begin or just double checking your method, join us for our course on the Keto Diet and learn how you could use it the right way.
Baking has often been associated with cakes and pastries. But did you know that baking also allows you to create healthy and delicious savoury dishes? Join us as we teach you how to use this fun way of cooking to create mouth-watering healthy dishes.
Bon appetit! Buen Provecho! Itadakimasu! Travel much? Our global cuisine course is set to make you travel ready - at least when it comes to food. Be a part of the global cuisine course and expand your knowledge and love for international cuisines.
The one thing that could transform a bowl of finger foods is a dip. And we’re here to teach you to make a variety of international dips to set or suit the mood - be it a lonely afternoon or a frantic party.
Who doesn’t love ’em? The variety of flavours, textures and uses of the ever-so-glorious chocolate gets us salivating every time. Want to go from simply consuming to actually creating your own chocolate? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Mixing and matching…sounds like a thing for the fashion department, no? Well, think again. We’re bringing ‘fusion’ to the world of desserts. Wanna go fusion-crazy? Join the course.
Get togethers, social gatherings, parties…fun to be at. Unless, of course, you’re the one planning and organizing it. Agree? Well, when it comes to the food department, we’ve got you covered. Join the Party Bites course to learn quick and easy recipes so that your party food becomes the talk of the town.
Planning to take the healthy route but don’t know where to begin? You could take the first step and start incorporating some healthy soups and salads into your diet. Join our course to learn some amazingly simple and healthy recipes to help you begin your journey to a healthier you.
Fed-up of offering guests the regular and boring old fizz bottles? Why not try something new with our mocktails and smoothies course? Pick up some new skills and serve to impress at your next social gathering.
The Granola Bar. A saviour when your tummy starts sending you the thundering tremors to get your attention. Have it as a midday snack or for your evening tea or on those late nights when work keeps you up. Join our course to learn how to make these handy-to-carry and incredibly easy to make granola bars.
The best part about joining all these courses or workshops is that you get to learn them at our fully equipped culinary studio in Borivali.

Note: The recipes taught at the workshops/courses will be Jain recipes, using Jain ingredients only. However, other recipes shared on the website will include non-Jain recipes as well.